Tips on How to Find and Configure Your Case - Part 2

2. Finding the Right Case Style


So you've identified your minimum internal dimensions and/or case size from our previous post - Tips on How to Find and Configure Your Case - Part 1, now you have several options with regards to the style and construction of your case.

At Production Case, we carry several "off the shelf" plastic case brands: Pelican, Nanuk & SKB.  Most of the injection molded cases from these brands are waterproof, dustproof, crushproof and have a lifetime warranty.  They should be the first place you look when trying to find a case as they offer outstanding protection, value and are the easiest to source. (We keep as much stock as possible for Black Pelican and Nanuk cases)

You'll need to know what feature(s) are critical for your use case.  These can include, but are not limited to:

  • Wheels
  • Pull Handle
  • Carry-On Compatible
  • Weight
  • Interior Options
  • Colours

For example, Pelican and Nanuk make some great carry-on* options like the Pelican Protector 1510, Pelican Air 1535, & Nanuk 935. These cases are all said to meet the maximum carry-on size for most airlines, feature smooth rolling wheels and extendable pull handles; but they will have some different interior options, colours and differ in weight by up to 3lbs.

*Always check with your airline to be sure the case meets their carry-on requirements

Generally speaking, if weight is of the utmost concern the Pelican Air cases are a great choice.

There is also a large selection of available Built to Order roto molded cases.  If you're looking at a roto molded case, it's best to reach out to us and we'll help you find the right case. Contact us here

You can read more about Injection Molded cases in our Manufacturing: Injection Molded Cases blog post, and see how they differ from roto molded cases in our Injection Molded Cases vs Roto Molded Cases blog post

Having trouble finding a plastic case that will fit your equipment? No problem!  Production Case Company has been building Laminate/ATA/Road Cases for over 35 years and we can build a custom case solution for you.  Our cases are durable, weather resistant, repairable and will last for years.

Our expertise doesn't end with cases - no matter which type of case you choose, we also specialize in custom foam inserts and technical packaging.  The inserts and foam can be cut on our CNC machines or by hand.  We take the time to understand your equipment, use case and budget in order to provide you with suitable options.  We also carry several types of foam to be sure we have a solution that meets your requirements.

Have some simple questions or a challenging project?  We're up for it!  Let us make the 'case' for why you should choose to work with us at Production Case.


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