Manufacturing: Injection Molded Cases

At Production Case, we offer the best selection of Injection Molded cases available in Canada, backed by the best warranties from reputable companies - Pelican, SKB & Nanuk.  These cases are North American made and built to last.

There's a few different ways plastic protective hard cases are manufactured:

  • Injection Molded
  • Roto Molded
  • Vacuum Formed

Almost all the plastic cases we sell are either Injection Molded or Roto Molded so we'll focus on those for now.

Injection Molded cases are lighter and more economical than Roto Molded cases. They also typically have less of a lead time as Roto Molded cases are usually BTO (Built to Order). Roto Molded cases can be considered more durable due to the increased concentration of material in corners and it's uniform thickness throughout, but Injection Molded cases still offer incredible crushproof protection that meet or exceed military standards and have a lifetime warranty to back it up.  Often times the added weight, increased price point and lead time of Roto Molded cases doesn't justify the step up from Injection Molded cases.  You can see a more detailed comparison between Injection Molded and Roto Molded cases here

Injection Molded cases are by far our best seller and we have lots of Black Pelican cases in stock at our facility in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Not all plastic cases are the same.  It's this high tech machinery, quality of craftsmanship and attention to detail that make these manufacturers stand out from the rest.  Cases don't just come out of the molds ready to go - manual care goes into each case to ensure it will protect your items and stand the test of time.

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Here's a couple videos from two of North America's top plastic case manufacturers, Pelican and SKB, that show how these awesome cases are manufactured.  We carry the full line of Pelican and SKB and are an authorized dealer in Canada

Pelican Injection Molding Machine


SKB Manufacturing Process

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