Video: A Look at the Production Case Company Facility and Process

Have you ever wondered how all our custom foam insert are made? Production Case Company is excited to announce that we’ve just put together a video that gives you a tour of both our custom foam insert process and a look at our facility at the same time.

A Fresh Approach

This video has been a while in the making. Ever since we moved to our wonderful new facility on outskirts of Ottawa, we’ve wanted to make a video that showcases our building. But we didn’t want to take the usual “nickel tour” approach - we wanted to have some fun and show some of our fantastic new equipment in action.

The video shows how precisely we can make foam inserts to fit your equipment. If it can fit in a case, we can make a foam insert that will keep it cushioned and well protected. We can even do lettering that matches your company logo.


We hope you like the video, and we hope that we’ll be creating more again soon.

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