Custom Foam

A custom foam insert is the ideal way to protect and organize your valuable equipment inside any off-the-shelf case or custom case.

With our complete in-house CNC/CAD services, we are able to design the most efficient way to package your equipment into cases from manufacturers such as Pelican, Pelican Storm, Pelican-Hardigg, Nanuk, and SKB.

From one-offs to runs of hundreds, we have the capabilities to help you with all your case insert foam requirements.

Need help getting the right transit case for your needs? Feel free to contact us. We’ll also be ready to point out if we already have a case that will work for your needs.


Get more value & more security:

1. Saves money. Custom foam inserts last the lifetime of your gear. Pick N Pluck foam, while cheaper, has to be replaced every few years because it loses density and yellows.

2. Professional Look. Nothing matches the precision and custom fit of our CNC-cut foam inserts. No matter how good your manual dexterity is, the cubed cuts of Pick and Pluck or cubed foam mean the end result just isn’t as precise.

3. Fits Anything for Better Protection. Achieve CNC precision using your own design files or take full advantage of Production Case Company's in-house design team. Using SolidWorks 3D (along with additional software provided by our foam suppliers), we are able to determine the most suitable layouts based on the fragility of your equipment.

4. Foam Variety. Depending on your needs, you can choose from a variety of foams including Plastazote (cross-linked polyethylene), closed cell anti-static polyethylene, and regular closed cell polyethylene. We even have a variety of colours available on request.

5. Foam for all Needs. Don’t forget that custom foam inserts are not limited to cases. They can be used in soft-sided bags, backpacks, and a nearly endless list of other applications.

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