Production Case has been in business since 1985, and in that time we’ve built a connection with our clients that has garnered an excellent reputation.

We have excellent reviews that show our dedication to finding the right product for the unique client’s needs.


As a Canadian owned and operated business, Production Case has a tried and tested relationship with the government, and military that gives us an edge.

Located in Ottawa, we understand the security and durability required for high levels of government.


We develop unique custom cases and foam inserts to accommodate any need. These challenges are exciting, and allow us to flex our creative muscles, and set industry standards. There’s no challenge too large or too small. We’ve built cases for electronics, aerospace, military and more. We will create the custom case you need, and we will make sure it lasts.

Buying products from Production Case comes with the voice of experience. We are an authority on cases, so take advantage! Let us be a tool at your disposal. Our years of experience can make your case, custom case, or custom foam choice the right investment from the beginning.