Technical Spotlight: Pressure Relief Valve (PRV)

What is a Pelican Pressure Relief Valve and how does it work?

Pelican Cases are known for their protective attributes. These high-performance cases are virtually indestructible and they are trusted to protect just about anything you put inside them. The cases are waterproof, dustproof and chemical resistant. With these features, the cases are also airtight, and this is where the Pressure Relief Valve (PRV) becomes critical, and all Pelican Cases have one.


Normally, an airtight enclosure would be difficult to open, especially if the pressure of the environment changes.   Pelican solves this problem with a special component called a Pressure Relief Valve.    What this small circular valve does is equalize the pressure within the interior of the case with the air pressure in the atmosphere on the outside of the case.    This is completed by a device with an internal membrane that allows the pressure to remain equal.   Most of these work automatically, with no need for any intervention, although some larger cases do have a manual release that must be pressed to equalize the pressures. Now you may ask, how does the water stay out?    We maintain the water integrity by covering the relief hole with a nanometer thin Gore-Tex membrane.   Gore-Tex is water repellant by nature and prevents water from getting into the case.

The PRV is an important piece that is often forgotten or overlooked.  We, at Production Case, know it's importance and it's always taken into consideration when we're designing, manufacturing and installing our custom foam inserts.  If you have a broken PRV, you should certainly be looking to replace it!  You can contact us and we will help facilitate getting a replacement with Pelican Canada to be sure your case is always offering the optimal protection for your gear.

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