Product Spotlight: Pelican TrekPak Insert System

TrekPak Insert System for Pelican Cases

Since its Kickstarter campaign was a runaway hit in 2012, TrekPak has been getting overwhelmingly positive reviews, including Gizmodo, Popular Photography, B&H Pulse, and more. It was also named Photo District News’ “Object of Desire” in July 2012. It’s only natural that Pelican and TrekPak would want to team up so you can buy the world’s favorite case with what is fast becoming the world’s favorite divider system.

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The TrekPak Advantage

If you’re like most gear hounds, you want your equipment case to look as good on the inside as it does on the outside. With TrekPak, you can make that happen. Now you can leave bulky, yellowing foam and sloppy-looking padded dividers behind.

But TrekPak isn’t just about precision looks. These dividers have a huge list of very practical advantages:

Fit more gear into your case safely. At just 7/16″ thick (1.11 cm), TrekPak allows you to fit more gear into your case without compromising protection – or sacrificing the ability to grab what you need at a moment’s notice.
Easy to configure and install. Comes with its own no-fail cutting tool that delivers straight cuts every time.
Perfect solution when you need to change gear you need from job to job. TrekPak is easy to reconfigure. Red pin pull tabs make dismantling the insert quick and easy. Your Pelican case also comes with extra divider material so you can make new panels as needed.
Incredibly durable – saves money on insert replacement. TrekPak won’t wear out like foam or lose its stickiness like Velcro. This top international concert and outdoor sports photographer torture tested it for over a year and it came through with flying colours.
Reduces photography case weight. This world-class outdoor adventure photographer found that TrekPak is actually lighter (the pins are anodized aluminum).

How It Works

Each TrekPak system comes with:

Divider set with reusable pull tab pins
Convoluted lid foam
1” thick bottom foam
TrekPak wall foam
No-fail cutting tool
You’ll find both initial setup and multiple reconfigurations are a breeze. Best of all, TrekPak keeps its crisp, professional appearance trek after trek.


You can get  TrekPak inserts in most Pelican Cases, including the entire Pelican Air line.

Great Protection, Professional Precision
A great case is like a treasure chest. Now, your treasure can appeal to your inner neat freak as well as your inner gear fetishist. After all, in your line of work the details don’t just matter, they’re critical.

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