Pelican Coolers Spotlight - Part 1 (14QT)

Pelican Coolers - 14QT Spotlight!

Pelican's Elite Coolers were a huge hit last year, especially the 14QT Cooler. this tall, skinny cooler can easily accommodate lunch and drinks or even a tall bottle of champagne for a celebratory excursion. 



The 14QT is the ultimate personal cooler.  Pelican's feature incorporation on this model is extensive:

  • Dry Box designed to keep personal items dry
  • Bottle opener with magnet
  • Inner tray for non-perishables to stay cool and dry
  • 14QT capacity holds 2 x 1 lbs Pelican Ice blocks to keep beverages cold
  • Freezer grade gasket
  • 1.5" thick polyurethane walls
  • Concave cutout at the back for a smooth area against your leg when carrying
  • Lock in place carrying handle
  • 3 year warranty



Stay tuned for the next weeks dive into another Pelican Cooler!


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