SKB Rack Cases

SKB makes some great Injection Molded Cases like their iSeries, but they're a whole lot more than just a one case series lineup.  They're also very well known for their Rack Cases.

SKB Rack Cases are a variety of injection and roto molded cases to house rack mountable equipment - think servers, switches, routers, telecommunication equipment, military electronics etc.  SKB doesn't take a one type fits all approach and have rack cases for different equipment sensitivities and weight capacities.

 SKB Rack Case choice include:

  • 30" Deep Shock Racks
  • 28" Deep Shock Racks
  • 24" Deep Shock Racks
  • 20" Deep Shock Racks
  • Fly Racks (iSeries specific Rack cases)
  • Rolling Racks
  • 1SKB Roto Racks
  • Shallow Racks (10.70" Deep)
  • Specialty Racks - Gig Safe, Computer/Audio, Mixer

Once you've identified the specific type of Rack Case for your application, there's tons of options and accessories to ensure your Rack case is outfitted for your needs:

  • Rack mount shelves
  • Rack Caster Platforms - these are great because the rack fits securely in grooves from when in use but easily detaches once at your location
  • Support Rails for added support when equipment exceeds base eight limits
  • Additional Shock Absorber (40-150 lbs) and Heavy Duty Payload Kits (150 - 300 lbs)**
  • Rear Rail Kits.

**Kits should ALWAYS be installed be SKB.  Contact us to confirm the right kit for your SKB Rack Case


Think you can't get protection with convenience?  Think again!  SKB has Removeable Rack cases (3RR Series) that feature a patent pending "positive lock" latching system that slides open like a file drawer.  This allows full access to racked equipment for maintenance and/or bench integration. 3RR Series Removable Rack Cases come in a range of depths from 20" to 30"

And yes, these Rack Cases are tested to Mil Spec / IP Standards!*
*testing may differ depending on model






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