SKB iSeries Cases

As we learned in our last blog post, SKB has been producing cases since 1977 and have helped push the industry to continually advance in case design and strength.  It was in 2004 that they first developed their iSeries and in 2006 they had a new proprietary blend of hi impact co-polymer polypropylene.

SKB makes it very easy to search for cases; as their case models contain the most pertinent information right in their naming  - the case series and interior dimensions

SKB then adds interior options onto the end.  For example:

3i-2217-10BE is for an empty case while 3i-2217-10BC includes their cubed foam

Here's a list of how many of their interior options show in their model names using examples from the SKB iSeries

3i-0907-6BE - Empty
3i-0907-6BC - Cubed Foam
3i-0907-6BL - Layered Foam
3i-0907-6DT - Think Tank Designed Dividers
3i-1309-6DL - Think Tank Designed Photo Dividers & Lid Organizer
3i-2217-12PT - Think Tank Designed Photo Dividers

3i-2217-12PL - Think Tank Designed Photo Dividers & Lid Organizer
3i-1717-10LT - Think Tank Padded Liner

These are just some example. The iSeries contains more options for Military, Computer, Audio/Video, Rifle and Bow Cases.  Production Case can also make you a custom interior option if there aren't any off the shelf options that meet your needs.

So they've made it easy with the model names, but what about features?  Well, the good news is that ALL iSeries cases have superior protection features in every model.  While it's worth digging into individual case specification to determine it will meet your requirements, you'll be pleased to know that every iSeries features:

  • MIL-STD Waterproof Rating
  • Molded of Ultra High-Strength Polypropylene Copolymer Resin
  • Gasket-Sealed, Water and Dust Tight Submersible Design (Though another benefit to injection molded case is they also inherently have a buoyancy so good luck getting that case to sink unless it's fully loaded!)
  • MIL-STD-810G Resistance to Corrosion and Impact Damage
  • Molded in Hinge
  • Patented Trigger Release Latches
  • Retrofittable TSA Latches
  • Cushion Grip Handles
  • MIL-STD-648C Automatic Ambient Pressure Equalization Valve (A.K.A. PRV/ Pressure Relief Valve)
  • Resistance to UV, Solvents and Fungus
  • Field Replaceable Hardware: Latches, Handles, Hinges, Wheels (if applicable)


Standard features are great, but who doesn't love options?  SKB has you covered with add-ons like upgraded steel handles, humidity indicators, label places, manual pressure release valves, panel mount kits and TSA latches.


With over 60 3i iSeries cases currently available, SKB is a solid choice when searching for a case to protect your gear.  Proudly Made in the U.S.A, Shipped from Canada and backed by SKB's Lifetime Warranty

Get in touch with us and let us show you why Production Case should be your #1 choice when purchasing SKB Cases from a top Canadian Dealer.

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