The NEW Nanuk 975

We've covered the smallest Nanuk Cases in our Nanuk Nano Blog, and now it's time for their biggest - the newly released Nanuk 975.  Not only is this case the biggest in Nanuk's lineup, it also offers what's arguably the most versatility in case shell configurations   We're excited to see how this might shape the market and see if other manufacturer's follow suit in the years to come.

Now let's get into the details!

Typically plastic cases come in set configurations based on size - i.e. large cases usually have wheels and some sort of handle for pulling where small cases omit these features as they are usually hand carried.  We've received requests from customers that were looking for larger size cases that didn't have wheels or a pull handle and would have preferred to go without to save on weight and ultimate portability.  There once was a time when, " What you see if what you get".  Nanuk as changed that in the 975 and gives the customer the power to choose their configuration.  You can get the 975 in 4 configurations:

No matter which version you choose, each case features a whopping 30 x 21 x 18″ for the interior dimensions

Lets start with the fully featured "base" model, the 975.  I've used quotations because what Nanuk refers to as their base model is actually their most fully featured.

The 975 features:

  • 2-Stage Retractable Handle
  • 4 x Polyurethane Wheels
  • 2 x Corner Cap
  • Oversize Team-Carry Handles


The 975W omits the 2-Stage Retractable Handle, but still includes wheels, corner caps and the Oversize Team-Carry Handles that can still be used to wheel it around, though not quite as comfortably


 The 975T strips away the wheels and replaces them with additional corner caps 


And finally the 975M removes the corner caps but leaves with the sturdy soft grip oversized team-carry handles.



Pictures are great, but lets put everything in a nice chart so it's easy to see the differences and find the model right for you.  Nanuk provided the following chart:



The 975 will be in stock sometime in October.  But get in touch with us now to see which configuration is best for you and order now hold your place as we're sure these will be going fast!

1-888-357-8882 x203

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