Design & Manufacture: Custom Foam Insert

 Production Case Company designs high-end precise foam inserts that are manufactured  using our CNC machines and assembled by our shop technicians. If you find yourself in the need to protect and organize your equipment, a custom foam insert is the best solution. This article will explain from start to finish, the Production Case process for developing a custom foam insert. 

Step 1: Equipment and Case Selection 

The first step is to provide the equipment that will be stored in the case. It is important to identify the exact quantity of the items that will be placed in the case.  After the equipment has been accounted for our Design team will spend some time developing a layout for how the equipment will be stored This layout is carefully thought out in order to provide the equipment with maximum protection, organization and durability. Once the layout is determined, the designers are able to pin point the appropriate case size for the foam insert. Production Case offers various types of cases. Click here to learn more about the cases we offer for custom foam inserts.

Step 2: Type of Foam 

The second step in the process is to select the type of foam that will be used to create the insert. The Designers will recommend the foam type that best suites the equipment needs. Clients have the ability to select the foam they would like to use. If you wish to learn more about the various types of foam we offer please read our article "Foam Types". Click here to read. 

Step 3: Design

Once the foam has been selected, one of our designers will begin designing the foam insert. Production Case utilizes professional 3D-Design software to create the custom foam insert. After the 3D model has been completed, the designer will then program the CNC machine in order to manufacture the foam. The CNC machines will create an exact replica of the 3D model that was designed in the software.

Step 4: Manufacture

The CNC Operator will load the sheet of foam on our CNC machine and manufacture the parts required in order to create the foam insert. The parts are then delivered to the assembly line to be assembled and installed into the case. The Shop technicians will submit the completed foam insert/case to Quality control for approval. Once it has been approved, it will be packaged and marked ready for pick up. 

Step 5: Test Fit and Client Approval

The final step in the process is to perform a test fit. During this test, all the equipment is placed into the custom foam insert to ensure the desired fit has been achieved. The designers will also ensure the foam insert is providing the maximum durability and protection. Once this step is complete, we encourage our clients to analyze the case and insert, and provide Production Case Company with an approval. This approval states that Production Case has met or exceeded the clients criteria. 

The Custom Foam insert process can take anywhere from 1-2 weeks to a month. It depends on how complex the equipment is and if it requires multiple meetings in order to design a layout that meets the project criteria. Below is a video that summarizes our process.

If you are in the market for a custom foam insert then cllick here for a free custom foam quote.


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