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Pelican makes some of the best cases in the world - and it's hard to argue that.  What's even better is that they have a new(ish) series of cases that are up to 40% lighter than other polymer cases in the market - Pelican Air Cases.  The cases offer the protection you'd expect from a Pelican case at a weight you might not expect.



Pelican has come up with their own innovative and proprietary lightweight HPX resin.  Don't let the "lightweight" nomenclature fool you.  That's only concerning the physical weight, these cases are still in the "heavyweight" category when it comes to protection.

Pelican's formula accomplishes weight reduction but also adds additional feature along the way:

  • Honeycomb structural elements that are actually stronger than solid polymer material
  • Super-still "full box" sections that are engineered to create hollow parts
  • A formula that rebounds without breaking (some might even argue this can result in added impact dampening)

Pelican Air cases are no different when it comes to being extensively tested:

  • Drop-tested on concrete on all sides and corners with loads from six feet
  • Submerged for 30 minutes at a depth of one meter
  • Wheels are roll tested over 914 meters
  • 28 lb. (12.7 kg) steel dart dropped on all sides from one meter

The Pelican Air cases used to feature the same double throw latches found on the original Protector series cases but have since been updated to push button latches (similar to the Pelican Storm).  Latches can be very much a personal preference, but I'd have to say I'm liking the change to the push button latches on the Pelican Air cases specifically.

Not sure if weight is a concern?  "Air" on the side of caution and get a case that's super tough and light when compared to others.

Pelican Air cases are great for travel, outdoor activities, camping, boating, photography and protecting pretty much anything that will fit inside!

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