Product Spotlight: Pelican and Nanuk TSA Locks

Travel restrictions across the world are easing and the urge to travel is growing. If you are travelling with a case that has valuable contents then a TSA lock from Pelican or Nanuk may be on your pre flight checklist.

TSA stands for Transportation Security Administration. A TSA lock is a locking device that is recognized by TSA authority. Security checkpoints require TSA officers to investigate luggage on a need be basis. TSA has worked with Pelican and Nanuk to develop a lock that can be opened by security officers using a master key.  In the event of a baggage inspection, a TSA officer can use the master key to open the lock in order to investigate the contents of the luggage. If you were to use a non-TSA approved lock, the officer would be forced to cut it.

The Pelican 1506TSA  locks are compatible with almost all types of Pelican Cases - Air, Protector, Storm and Vault cases. It's important to review Pelican case sizing - in particular - the padlock hole diameter.


 Pelican 1506 TSA Lock

Pelican 1506 TSA Lock

Nanuk's TSA approved Padlock  can easily be opened and inspected by airport security and then locked again. This lock will be compatible with all Nanuk cases models. It is  recommended to use two locks per case for maximum security. The Nanuk lock is available for purchase on our website here.

Nanuk TSA Approved Lock



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