It's That Time Again: Back to School

We're weeks away from children, teens and adults heading back to Elementary, High School, College and University.  It's even looking like heading back to in person classes will happen in several parts of Canada.  Many things will be different due to Covid - one of those things is how we all use technology to learn.

Technology has been bridging the gap between teacher and student during the stay at home/lock down periods of the pandemic. The technological tools aren't going to the way side once in person classes resume, in fact, they are rapidly becoming the most common learning tool a student can possess.

Technology is great, it allows us freedom, flexibility and gives us tools to help us learn.  However, technology is also expensive.  Sure, "insurance" can be purchased on these electronics, but more often than not, it's not the device itself that's the most valuable, but what's contained "on" the device that matters.  Imagine rushing to class in a rain or snow storm only to drop your laptop or bag in a puddle or snow bank.  Insurance may cover the cost of repairing or replacing the laptop, but your data (AKA all your hours of work on that project that's due in 2 days!) is gone.  Now imagine if that laptop was in an appropriate Pelican Case that could easily defend against the elements, be picked up and you're on your way.  You've just protected your electronics and your data.

Insurance is reactionary and only really there after a problem arises.  We can all agree that preventing the need to use insurance, or being proactive, is usually a better choice.  That's why we're adding a Back to School Sale on All Pelican Laptop Cases and Backpacks.  We're hoping that we can help make protecting your valuable technology and data more affordable during these uncertain times.

Pelican protective cases are Waterproof, Dustproof and Crushproof*
*See specific items for their details and individual specifications

Take a look at our  Pelican Backpacks to find the right fit for your school year

Protect it all, big or small - there's the slim and sleek Pelican Hardback series or more robust and lockable options like the Pelican 1495 Protector Laptop Case.

If you need help deciding which case is right for your application, send us an email to and we'll help by providing insight into the available options.

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