Introducing The New Nanuk 980 !


Built to survive the outdoors, the NANUK 980 is favored by sportsmen, hunters, law enforcement and the military This 26” compact sized case features one spring loaded handle , With an IPX7 Waterproof rating, The NANUK 980 keeps your equipment safe and protected. For extra security, both latches feature  a TSA compatible padlock protector providing you the ability to keep your equipment securely locked during transit but accessible for inspection by the TSA when required. This Rigid MIL-Spec case is equipped with a lid stay feature to keep the case safely open when in use and the reinforced stainless-steel eyelets can be used to secure additional padlocks.

- Dustproof,  Waterproof , Shockproof


This Most recent Case from NANUK is available in 3 different colours and 3 different interior options: 

- Black, Olive Green,  Orange

- No Foam , Cubed Foam , Padded Divider


NANUK has more then 300Cases in stock, Hurry up and get yours now!

Productio Case Company - New Nanuk 980


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