Gun Storage Rules for the Road


he hunting season is well under way, and successful hunters across Canada are sharing delicious meals of fresh-caught game with friends and family. Others are out in blinds and camps, in pursuit of that dream catch. It’s gratifying to see that there are more Canadians every year who are learning hunting skills and becoming more connected to their food sources and nature itself.

In all the excitement it can be easy to lose track of the storage and transport rules for long guns. Here’s a quick refresher to ensure you and your non-restricted weapon stay safe and secure in transit.

Travelling in a Vehicle

According to the RCMP Firearms guidelines, when travelling to and from the wilderness (or even a shooting range), it’s important to keep in mind there are slightly different rules that apply when you’re in the vehicle and when the vehicle is unattended.

Attended Vehicle

As long as the firearm is in a vehicle, whether attended or not, it must be left unloaded and made inoperable. This can mean using a trigger lock, but you can also remove the bolt.

Unattended Vehicle

If no one is with the vehicle, the gun must also be out of sight if someone peers through the window. The vehicle should also be locked. If possible the gun should be in a locked case, and that rifle case should be in a locked trunk.

If you prefer to keep your guns in a rack, someone must be with the vehicle at all times. Of course, if left in the rack they still need to be unloaded and trigger locked.

Read the Full Rules on the RCMP Firearms Page >

Protect Your Investment

Many gun-owners spend countless hours researching and customizing their weapons with a variety of scopes and other accessories, sometimes spending hundreds of dollars making their weapon as unique as they are.

If you’re going to be putting that kind of investment into your rifle this year, why skimp on protecting it? Pelican’s cases are tough enough to handle the extremes that nature will throw at you and attractive enough to look good doing it. With a Pelican case, your equipment will arrive at the hunt site in tip-top shape.

Our Top Selling Long Gun Cases

It’s no coincidence that our top 4 long gun cases are all made by Pelican. The padlock holes are fully reinforced with stainless steel for maximum security. These cases are tough, waterproof, and they even float.

No matter the size of your gun, and how many accessories you like to keep handy, we have a case that will fit. Our case comparison articles can help if you’re looking for a new case but not sure which one to get.

We wish you a safe and successful hunting season!

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