Are Pelican Vault Gun Cases Right For You?


This summer, Pelican Hard Cases brought out a new line of cases aimed at hunters and other shooters. The new line, named Pelican Vault, includes 10 Pelican case sizes: eight gun cases and two general purpose cases.

The best part of the new line is that all Vault cases are weather resistant, crushproof and dustproof. The awesome air pressure equalization valve and durable handles are still there. For security, the stainless steel lock hasps are also a standard feature.

What's Different?

This line was created to be more budget friendly while maintaining the ruggedness and dependability people expect from the Pelican name.

Here are the key differences between the tried-and-true Pelican Protector cases and the new Vault line:

  • Significantly more affordable price.
  • The new angular styling on the outer edges looks very cool.
  • Possibly the level of watertightness. The Pelican Vault cases are currently in testing to establish if they can be called "water tight". They have a gasket similar to the Protector line, but until the results come back they are officially termed "weather resistant".
  • Push button latches instead of the double-throw latches of the Protector line. For some people, this may be a big plus.
  • One year limited guarantee instead of lifetime guarantee.
  • The handles on the cases are not padded.

Which One is Right for Me?

Here’s a look a the cases in the new line, matched side by side with it’s closest match from the Protector line.

Vault Case Closest Match (in Dimensions) from the Protector Line

V100 Vault Small Pistol Case

  • Production Case price: from $44.99 CAD
  • Interior Dimensions: 11.00"L x 8.00"W x 4.50"D
  • Exterior Dimensions: 12.28"L x 12.03" W x 5.16"D

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