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If your work requires you to bring your monitor with you, you’ll be glad to know there’s a new option for transportation. The Ruf N Tuf line of roto-molded cases from Nanuk is a great new solution to provide extra protection for your flat screen.

The case comes in 3 sizes and 1 colour so far: classic black.

Benefits of the Ruf N Tuf include:

  1. Stronger protection for your screen thanks to roto molded construction.
  2. Long-lasting hardware: protective ridges around buckles divert impact.
  3. There’s a size for every monitor: the line includes a unique new smaller size, and universal foam padding makes for a better fit.
  4. Easy to use: the hinged lid fold right back to make inserting the monitor easy.
  5. Made to last: protected by a limited lifetime warranty.
  6. Eco-friendly: the polyethylene plastic for the case is recycled.

Easy to Transport

The small and medium size cases come with heavy duty top handle and optional removable strap. The large case has these features, and also has an aluminium tow handle and tough polyurethane wheels that roll smoothly. The large case fits through standard doorways.

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What is Roto Molding?

Roto Molding is short for rotational molding. As we explain in this post, roto molding provides greater strength than regular injection molding.

How does roto molding work? Plastic is loaded inside a heated, hollow mold. The mold is then rotated by a machine (both horizontally and vertically) until the plastic is properly dispersed. Heat and an electric charge are used to maintain the pliability of the plastic throughout this process.

With roto molding, the corners of cases are thicker.

Canadian Company

Nanuk/Plasticase are a Canadian company, headquartered in Montréal. These cases are manufactured in the USA.

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