The NEW Pelican Air 1646

Pelican Air 1646 Case

Pelican has been consistently adding new case sizes to their Air lineup to provide more options for super light and strong cases.  Often times these cases are similar in size to their Protector or Storm cases.  This can make it easy to switch to an Air case while fitting in your same equipment and reducing the overall weight of the case and contents.

However, sometimes you're looking for a little more or a little less room than the case you currently have.  The newly released Pelican 1646 adds in a new sizing option across all the injection molded cases.  The case is quite long at 32.06" but stays relatively narrow at 15.87".  This length and width combination is unique among injection molded cases and might be just what's needed.  It also provides great depth at 13.42".  The length and depth are the reasons Pelican considers this their first long & deep Air case.  We've already seen the benefit of this case size at Production Case as we've had several customers where the Pelican Air 1646 ended up being the perfect case size for multiple projects.

Comparables* to the Pelican 1646 (32.06" x 15.87" x 13.42")
*closest sizes from other Pelican series but you'll see the 1646 fills a gap in cases sizes

  • Pelican Protector 1630 - 27.70" x 20.98" x 15.50"
  • Pelican Protector 1660 - 28.18" x 19.66" x 17.63" 
  • Pelican Protector 1690 - 30.13" x 25.13" x 15.36"
  • Pelican Protector 1730 - 34.00" x 24.00" x 12.50"
  • Pelican Air 1615 - 29.59" x 15.50" x 9.38"
  • Pelican Storm iM3075 - 29.80" x 20.80" x 17.80"

In case you missed our last post about the many features and benefits of the Pelican Air cases, you can check it out here



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