Pelican's Remote Area LED Lighting

Pelican offers a line of products for the industries that burn the midnight oil, and require a lighting solution with minimal set up and disassembly time. Pelicans Remote Area LED's can light up any workspace or setting you could ever imagine. This article is tailored to provide an in depth review of the Pelican 9460, Pelican 9470 and the Pelican 9500. 

Lets start off with the Pelican 9460, which is available in black or yellow.

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Pelican 9460

The 9460 is built within the well known tough-as-nails Pelican Case which can be transported easily with a retractable pull handle and stainless steel ball-bearing polyurethane wheels. This case comes with the Intelligent Control System which calculates and displays the battery life. This system also allows the user to control the intensity of the light, the desired run time and select from three pre-set power levels. See image below. 

Pelican Case Canada, Black Friday Deals, Remote Area Lighting

  Pelican's Intelligent Control System

Pelican's engineers built this case with functionality in mind. The 9460 provides the user with two telescopic masts with 360 degree articulating light heads. These masts extend to approximately 6 feet. The LED's in the light heads can radiate up to 12,000 lumens, that is 6000 lumens per head. The Pelican 9460 is powered by a rechargeable battery, or powered from a standard wall plug. If you need to use this case to provide power to external devices, it comes with a 12volt power port which includes a dual USB adapter.

Wouldn't it be nice to control the 9460 on your mobile device. Well guess what! There is an app for that! This system offers remote activation. The user can use this app to turn the lights on and off and control the light output from 100% to 0%.

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Pelican's App for Remote Area Lighting

The Pelican 9460M has the same features as the 9460 although its more tailored to travelling through rougher terrain. The M stands for mobility. The 9460M includes the multi-terrain trolley with a retractable pull handle and stainless steel polyurethane wheels.

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 Pelican 9460M Providing Remote Area Lighting 

If you require even more lighting and functionality, Pelican has got you covered with the 9470. The 9470 is offered as a 9470M as well. This case consist has some serious lighting capabilities. It features 4 telescopic pole that extend to nearly 6 feet. Each LED light outputs 6000 lumens. That is 24000 lumens in total! Similar to the 9460, the 9470 can be controlled via mobile phone, powered by a rechargeable battery, offers a 12v power supply, comes with a dual USB adapter and can be powered by a standard wall plug.


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Pelican 9470

 Finally, there is the 9500 Shelter lighting kit. The 9500 provides shelters and tents with secure interior lighting. This system is very rugged and provides a low time for assembly. It contains three LED lights(red/white). Each light can emit 2000 lumens of white light and 400 lumens of red light. The kit also contains a universal transformer, inline switch, and fixing straps which provides at ease mounting capabilities. The lights can also be linked together using connecting cables. 

Pelican 9500 Shelter Lighting Kit

 Pelican 9500 Deployed alongside the 9470

The 9500, 9460 and 9470, can provide more then enough Remote Area Lighting. Pelican offers a numerous amount of lighting products including, flashlights, headlamps, modular lighting systems, etc. 

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