Pelican Vault Photo Cases: Affordable Pelican Level Protection for Your Camera Gear!



If you've landed on this blog post, you're probably already familiar with Pelican's legendary level of protection.  But did you know about their Vault line of cases - more specifically the newly released Vault Photo Cases?




To recap the base features of the Vault Series Cases, Pelican perfectly sums it up:


Handle without care.

Whether your destination is 30 minutes or 3,000 miles, a Vault is rock-solid protection every inch of the way. With heavy-duty hinges, nail-tough hasps and an extremely tough high-impact polymer shell, it withstands the weather, drops, kicks, throws, abrasion, dust, baggage mishandlers - whatever comes with the territory ahead.




While the Pelican Vault Series is weather resistant vs having a Ingress Protection (IP) rating like their Protector and Storm series cases, the level of weather resistance is often enough for most applications.  You still get the same Pelican DNA but at a more affordable price.

With the introduction of the Vault Photo Cases, Pelican has brought their durable and configurable padded dividers to this lineup.  This makes it a great case for professional and amateur photographers at a protection to value ratio that can't be beat!

Vault Photo Cases are available in the following sizes:

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