Introducing the New Nanuk 923 Laptop Case


Whether you want a laptop case small enough to work as carry-on or tough enough for you to check, Nanuk’s new 923 has got you covered.

These cases will be available in August 2017. Pre-order yours today!

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Made to fit most 15” laptops, the case has room not only for your computer, but power adapter, tablet, documents and more.


A removable sleeve works as an added layer of protection, or can be used on its own with the shoulder strap. The sleeve has rubberized zipper pulls, and the entire sleeve is also waterproof.

If you’re still determined to hang onto your laptop case when you fly, don’t worry: it’s sized to be within the carry-on dimensions of most airlines too.

Ultimate Laptop Protection

Engineered from NK-7 resin, this case is lightweight and absorbs shocks and vibrations to protect your equipment. Inside, an additional shock-absorbing insert keeps your laptop protected.

Because the adventure just begins with the airport, the 923 is also waterproof (IP67 rated).

All hardware is 100% marine grade 304-stainless steel.

Temperature Extremes

The case works perfectly in temperatures ranging from -20°F (-29°C ) to 140°F (60°C).


It will also float as long as the combined weight of the case and contents doesn't exceed 40 lbs (18.1 kg).


Damage isn't the only threat to your laptop. To prevent theft of case contents or accidental opening on impact, the case has Nanuk's Powerclaw latching system and integrated slide lock. These locking latches are TSA-approved.

If you need even more security, there are reinforced padlock holes.

These cases will be available in August 2017. Pre-order yours today!

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On the Move

Carrying the case is easy:

  • A removable shoulder strap is stylish and comfortable
  • The spring-loaded handle automatically retracts when not needed, but has a comfortable grip when in use.

The 923 also transports well, as it’s easily stackable. Rubber feet won't scratch surfaces but will grip them securely.

To keep the case easy to open no matter the altitude change, a pressure release valve is included in the case.

More Specs


Interior dimensions:

  • Length - 16.6″ (422mm)
  • Width - 11.3″ (287mm)
  • Height - 5.4″ (137mm)

Exterior dimensions:

  • Length - 18.6″ (472mm)
  • Width - 14.4″ (366mm)
  • Height - 6.3″ (161mm)


The 923 comes in these stylish colours:

  • Black
  • Graphite
  • Silver
  • Olive
  • Orange
  • Yellow


Like all Nanuk cases, it’s conditionally guaranteed for life (no throwing it into the volcano!). The insert has a one-year warranty against manufacturing defects.

These cases will be available in August 2017. Pre-order yours today!

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