Pelican Case Adventures: Daniel Green, Director and Cinematographer

Pelican Case Adventures: Daniel Green, Director and Cinematographer

Daniel Green has a life many of us would envy: he travels the world filming interesting people, places and situations. He earns his livelihood with his skill and his passion. He works for incredible companies filming about amazing innovations and performances. Recently, he has worked for Export Development Canada filming innovative companies like Endurance Windpower, Survival Systems, Cowater, and the acrobatics show Cavalia. You can see more of his work on his Vimeo channel.

Cases Built to a Higher Standard

For an artist of Green’s calibre, keeping equipment safe is a must. He simply cannot arrive with a broken lens or water damage. The kind of equipment he works with can’t be replaced in the nearest camera shop. Each and every time he travels, he relies on Pelican cases from Production Case Company to ensure everything arrives in the same condition as when it was packed.

“In the last 9 months, those cases have travelled to Nepal, Lesotho, UK, Italy, Brazil, Washington and Tofino…. they’ve been through just about every imaginable condition and have protected the gear without flaw!” Green says.

What does he like best about ordering from Production Case? “Great customer service and they take the time to really understand the requirements and then build to suit.”

What case would suit you?

 Overboard...But Still Safe

Daniel found out just how far he could trust his Pelican cases while filming a company profile of Survival Systems for Export Development Canada.

Survival Systems specializes in building underwater crash simulators for helicopter pilots, and Daniel needed some ocean shots. “That day the waves were upwards of 10 feet – the boat was being thrown around. One of the 1650 cases (which had quite a substantial amount of expensive gear) slid over deck. We managed to retrieve it and surprisingly, not one drop of water got in… I was actually quite amazed!”

The end result? A video with incredible impact that was created on schedule:

Custom Foam Inserts for a Perfect Fit

There’s an art to making case inserts that combine safety with best use of space - it’s something Production Case excels at.

“Yes, they are artists at doing this… it’s amazing how much can actually be safely packed into a Pelican 1650,” says Green. “I often joke with Bruce (Grenzowski) that Mike the CAD designer at Production Case must play a mean game of Tetris!”

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