New From Nanuk: The Nanuk 988 Protective Case

On June 15 2022, Nanuk Products will be launching their brand new Long Case - The Nanuk 988. This model is comparable to the Pelican 1740 Protector case and the SKB 3i-4213-12BE. The key feature that sets this case apart from it's competitors is the capability to modify the case configuration. The 988 case is available in 3 possible configurations. The 988, 988T and 988M.  

 988 Features 988 988T 988M
3 Soft Grip Handless X X X
2 Strong Polyehtlene Wheels X
2 Automatic Pressure Equalization Valves X X X
Lower Corner Caps X X
Stackable X X X
In Stock X Special Order Special Order


This interior of the Nanuk 988 has the following dimensions; 41.75" x 13.63" x 12.5" . The  case is designed to store large/long gear. The types of equipment you may find stored in  the Nanuk 988 is camera equipment, lighting equipment,  bunker gear, Military gear, etc. The Nanuk 988 comes with a lifetime warranty in order to provide valued consumers with a case that will protect your equipment forever. Nanuk has offered a variety of accessories that can be added to the 988 model. These accessories are great for customizing the case for specific requirements. 

Nanuk 988 Accessories

  • Set of 2 Bottom Corner Caps
  • Multi-layered Soft Foam
  • Panel Installation Kit
  • TSA Approved Latches
  • Padded Dividers
  • ID Window
  • TSA Approved Padlock 

 Visit our website or email if you are interested in purchasing the Nanuk 988 Case. Production Case offers High End Custom Foam inserts for the new Nanuk 988 case and will be a tool at your disposal for any technical packaging requirements. 

Source: Nanuk Brochure-988-22-01EN

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