Got Foam?

 Pelican Replacement Foam

If you're looking to replace existing foam in your case and you're on a budget, we have a deal for you!

We have several Open Box Pelican 1700FS Foam Sets that are in like new condition: Stock Clearance - Pelican 1701 3 pc. Replacement Foam Set (Open Box)


Of course this foam is great if you already have a No Foam Pelican Protector 1700 and now need it With Foam or if you need to reconfigure your old 1700 With Foam.  But did you also know you can make some easy customizations and have it fit into other cases?

Soft foam is relatively easy to cut with a sharp utility knife when cutting to fit into another case or when producing your cutouts.  You can even glue pieces together end to end or in layers with something like 3M Super 77 Spray Adhesive.  We use a higher strength industrial adhesive in our Production Shop but the 3M Super 77 is a great DIY solution if you don't have a professional set up

*Note that this is Soft Layered Foam and not Pluck Foam

Not sure if this is the foam for you?  Send us an email to and let's chat!


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