The life of a photographer is not easy. In pursuit of the perfect shot, photographers must endure long hikes through dangerous terrain, difficult climbs and harsh conditions. They must be patient, decisive and, above all, tireless. They have to be built to last.

The same is true of their equipment. Unfortunately, cameras are pretty fragile: even the slightest scratch on a lens can spell doom, and that can mean a hefty replacement sum.

That’s why so many photographers protect their equipment with Pelican Cases. In particular, the Pelican 1510 is a favourite of many photographers for the balance of size and portability. The Pelican 1650 is larger and is also a top seller for photo and video professionals like cinematographer Daniel Greene.

The durability of Pelican Cases makes it possible to take cameras into the harshest of conditions. These cases allow photographers to get photos that they wouldn’t have been able to for fear of damaging their camera.

So where will your Pelican Case let you go? Once you’ve got your Pelican Case, it’s time to put it to the test, and you can start right here with our list of a few places that are easier to photograph with a Pelican Case.

1. The Kingdom of Bhutan 

If you’re up for a real challenge, the so-called “Tiger’s Nest” (pictured right) is a buddhist temple located on the face of a cliff 900 meters high. For a climb like that, you’ll want your camera securely locked in its case.’With a landscape that ranges from tropical forests to soaring mountains, Bhutan is a photographers dream, but it can be a logistical nightmare. Some of the best spots are too remote for vehicles to reach. Fast-moving rivers cover the landscape, making even foot travel difficult.

2. Antarctica 

Few photographers brave the harsh weather of the southernmost continent. This locale is not for the faint of heart, or the lacking of case. With rough seas and rougher terrain, Antarctica punishes the unprepared mercilessly.

But its beauty is unparalleled. Those who can brave the weather, which has been known to drop as low as −89.2 °C, will find some exceptional photographic opportunities. Blue ice from glaciers, soaring ice towers, and vast icy plains are just some of the wonders at which you’ll be able to point your camera.

3. Galapagos Islands, Ecuador 

After visiting Antarctica, you might want to head somewhere a little warmer. Why not head to the island archipelago made famous by Charles Darwin in his work The Voyage of the Beagle. Known for their incredible biodiversity, these islands will give you the opportunity to snap photos of beasts the like of which are rarely seen.

And, since they are islands, there will be a pretty good chance of dropping your camera in the water. It’s a good thing Pelican Cases are watertight!

In addition to their wildlife, the Galapagos sport some pretty magnificent views. With peaceful bays and rocky crags the landscape is almost as diverse as the animal life.

4. Cape York Peninsula, Australia 

How about another warm spot? This remote area of Australia is known for its tropical rainforests and wooded savannas. Rolling mountains and hills dot the vast landscape, making it a choice locale for landscape photographers.

What’s the catch? It’s so remote that most of it can only be accessed by helicopter. Good thing you brought your case: a bumpy ride like that can easily damage a camera.

The native wildlife of Cape York Peninsula are currently being threatened by introduced species and weeds, so there’s no better time to go and photograph in its original state.

5. Stromboli Volcano, Italy 

Stromboli has been in a continuous state of eruption for the past 2,000 years, and you’re bound to see some flying magma on your visit. So mighty is this mountain that author J.R.R. Tolkien took it for the inspiration for his fictional Mt. Doom in The Lord of the Rings trilogy. Just make sure you stay clear of the orcs.That’s right. A live volcano. Did your hands just leap protectively to your poor fragile camera? As long as you have your Pelican Case with you, I’d be more concerned about your safety than your camera’s.

Where Will Your Pelican Case Take You? 

From the tallest mountain to the darkest rainforest, Pelican Cases will make sure your camera equipment is safe.

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