Pelican 9435

Pelican 9435

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Pelican builds the most safety approved handheld lights in the U.S. market. Now with the release of new 9435, we produce the world’s only battery powered safety approved remote area light. Its 1500 lumens illuminate hazardous locations, and with two power settings the 9435 extends burn time up to 10 hrs. of clean even light. At Pelican, designing a lighting system that’s safe to use in volatile situations isn’t optional. It’s fundamental to our philosophy.

Mast length of up to 32.28"

Low setting of 750 lumens, high setting of 1500 lumens.

18 individual LED bulbs.

90º beam spread.

Runs up to 10 hours on low light and 5 hours on high.

Intermittent blinking battery level indicator.

Silicone rubber keypad controls.